Monday, June 6, 2016

Finding the Right Products for Curly Hair

Curly Hair

Finding the right combination of products for curly hair is a game of trial and error. I don't wear my hair curly that often but, when I do, I like the process to be as simple as possible. I've went through my fair share of wash-and-go products before finally settling on three products that truly work for me. Miss Jessie's Leave-In Condish has always been a favorite. I previously used it in combination with Pillow Soft Curls because I heard good things about it from a friend but, honestly, it left a little something to be desired with my hair. So, I was back on the hunt for a styling product.

I read about Miss Jessie's MultiCultural Curls online. I'll be honest, the name "MultiCultural Curls" made me question if the product would actually work for my type of hair (spiral curls with a lot of shrinkage that can become very frizzy and dry without the right amount of moisture). I gave it a shot anyway because it was cheaper than other products I was considering and, to my surprise, it worked very well! It tames my curls and leaves them moisturized without making them heavy or oily.

Moroccan Oil Glimmer Shine is the only product that I use for both curly and straightened styles because it's awesome and smells amazing. It's the lightest oil I've ever used and gives my hair just the right amount of shine.

Trial and error has led me to my current wash-and-go lineup:


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