Thursday, November 5, 2015

Halloween 2015

I decided to do a simple Freddy Krueger look for Halloween to pay homage to Wes Craven. I guess I can say that he's the reason I officially fell in love with (movie) makeup in the first place. I loved Nightmare on Elm Street as a child, and I still do today. Burn scars are necessary for a great Freddy Krueger costume, so I used temporary burn tattoos from They were very easy to apply (about 30 seconds per piece), but they took some time to remove. The Freddy hat and glove came from Spirit Halloween. I decided to make a Nightmare on Elm Street inspired scarf because I didn't want wear the traditional Freddy sweater to the nightclub. The scarf was paired with a top, leggings and boots. The fabric, fabric glue and fabric paint were purchased from Jo-Ann Fabric, and the Freddy patch was made by Kathleen Bush on Etsy. She did such an amazing job, and I will be visiting her shop again in the future. The Freddy nail decal by Stephanie Dawn on Etsy was the perfect finishing touch to my nail design, and they were easy to apply. All in all, these items were very affordable, and you should keep them in mind for next year's Halloween. Have a great weekend!

halloween 2015 1 halloween 2015 2 Halloween 2015 3 Halloween 2015 4 Halloween 2015 5

Didn't my fam look great as the Joker, Vampire Minnie Mouse and the Lumpy Space Princess? :P 

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