Thursday, October 29, 2015

LA Girl meets Big Trouble In Little China

I have a habit of purchasing beauty products and not actually using them for months. This is exactly what happened here. For a while I've been curious to see how liquid-to-matte lippies compare to lipstick in a tube and, after trying them, my emotions are mixed. The color and staying power of LA Girl's matte pigment gloss is impressive, so these will definitely be worn on a quick movie outing. But when it comes to moisture and easy removal, they're a little annoying. But hey, they didn't hurt my wallet, so that's always a good thing. You can probably find this brand in your local beauty supply or drug stores for a wopping five bucks!


I blended 2 out of the 4 shades that I like the most using an eye shadow blending brush once the 2nd color dried on top of the 1st: Rebel and Obsess.  (taken under natural light)

Swatches of the 4 shades taken under unnatural light (from left to right): Backstage, Rebel, Instinct, and Obsess.


Funko Big Trouble In Little China figurines from Think Geek. By the way, this is my favorite movie of all time! 

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  1. so pretty :)