Monday, September 28, 2015


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Lately I've become extremely selective about my purchases. I've been buying less, saving money for things I truly want, and forfeiting the things I know I'll discard within a few seasons. Varina flats have been on my wishlist for years because they are classic and perfect for everyday wear. Recently the stars aligned, i.e., I was looking for a new pair of red flats and Saks was having a sale, so I finally put these flats in my "bag" and clicked "check out".

"Buy less, choose well." - Vivienne Westwood 

Have a great day!



  1. OMG, love love love! I have them in black and they're about 4-5yrs old. They most certainly look like it as well. I've had them resoled twice. I keep them under my desk as they're beat up. Congrats on the much deserved, long awaiting purchase.

  2. They're so pretty! Congrats


  3. OMG, so cute and beautifull shoes darling! Love it :D

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