Monday, June 29, 2015


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1. When it comes to nail polish, my mom normally wears pastel pinks or neutral colors. Apparently I've rubbed off on her because she recently ordered some bolder colors from Zoya. After trying them, she decided they weren't for her and sent them to me. I guess some habits are hard to break, but these polishes definitely won't go to waste. If only we were the same shoe size...

2. I wondered into Pandora and left with this dainty, braided leather bracelet. I bought it to wear plain but, after looking through the Spring 2015 catalog, I may add a few charms to it.

3. I've been getting quite a few questions about this dime necklace lately. I wear it for sentimental reasons. When I was an infant, my grandmother gave me a silver dime necklace to help with teething. I lost that necklace a long time ago, but I've wanted another one for a while. I chose this mercury dime to recreate the necklace because it was minted the year my grandmother was born. I bore a hole through the top and put it on a white gold chain with a tiny pendent housing my birthstone.

4. I grabbed these two pairs of jeans from Madewell during a recent sale. I also have my eye on this dress and these sandals...

Have a great week!



  1. the copper color is just amazing
    keep in touch

  2. Great inspiration. I love that brand of polish!!