Monday, January 12, 2015


Dreamwalk Heel Liners, Dreamwalk Ball of Foot Cushions

 So, you're buying a pair of shoes. Your size is a little loose, but the next size down is too tight. What do you do? Buy your size and use Dreamwalk heel liners. Seriously. These really work! I use them on heels and flats when I have that weird 'in-between sizes' problem. Just peel off the plastic backing and stick them in the back of your shoes. They prevent your heels from slipping out when you walk.

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We've all purchased shoes that have caused our calves and feet to ache. I love these blue pumps, but they KILL the balls of my feet. Well, they did. Now I use these cushions when I wear them, and it makes a tremendous difference.


In addition to saving your feet and calves from pain, the cushions keep your feet from sliding forward in heels. The heel liners are also helpful when you have shoes that rub and irritate the back of your feet. You should try these products if you are having similar problems with your shoes. They are great because they are affordable, long-lasting and don't cause damage to your shoes when you remove them.

*This is not a sponsored post. Just sharing something that works for me*

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  1. This looks wonderful!


  2. i use them too , they are so soothing for feet