Thursday, December 11, 2014

Wicked and Badacious Earrings

This past weekend I saw Wicked with a friend and it was absolutely AMAZING! The costumes, makeup, sets and singing gave me so much life. I highly recommend that you all see it if it comes to your area. I purchased a pair of Badacious "Happily Ever Polkadots" earrings to go with my ASOS black, peplum dress. The weather was rainy and gloomy, so the hair had to go up in a messy, curly bun. For my makeup, I decided a severe cateye and dark lip would help me channel my inner Elphaba.  I couldn't take any snapshots during the show, so here are a few pictures taken with my Samsung Galaxy S4. Have a great day!

wicked small wicked earrings 2 small wicked stage small wicked collage small

Badacious Earrings
Cherry Bomb Wet and Wild Lipstick
Nightmoth M.A.C Lipliner
E.L.F Eyeliner

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