Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween Inspiration: Sailor Moon

Lately I've been binge watching the reboot of the hit anime series from the 90's, Sailor Moon. The new 2014 anime design is the inspiration behind my Halloween look this year. 

To achieve this look, I used white, cream-based makeup, black eyeliner and creamy blues and greens to form the eye shapes. I looked at several pictures of anime eyes, started drawing away on my eyelids and hoped for the best. The end result turned out creepier than I expected, which isn't bad considering the occasion.

sailor moon 1 
sailor moon 2 
sailor moon 3

I've had this Sailor Moon lunch box and watch since the early 90's. Talk about throwback!

sailor moon 4
sailor moon 5

This Sailor Moon necklace was purchased recently from Hot Topic for around eleven bucks. You can't beat that price!

sailor moon 6

The most important items used to achieve this look: Fantasy Makers Painter's Palette by Wet n Wild, Jordana 12 Hr Eyeshadow Pencil, Elf cream eyeliner, She Makeup blush palette (purchased from a local beauty supply store). The blush palette looks similar to the transforming compact used by Sailor Moon in the show.

 Have a Happy Halloween and stay safe!

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  1. WOW, that eye makeup
    keep in touch

  2. AHHH! THIS IS SOOO creative and I love it!!!! At first I was like huh? How did she get her eyes like that? This is amazing, love it!!! And I love Sailor mon!