Thursday, February 20, 2014


guess01 guess02 guess03 guess04 guess05
Photos via Pinterest
I've been a super fan of Guess ads since I was in high school. The Guess store was my favorite place to shop, and I used to drag my mom there all of the time to buy jeans, jackets and tops. I wanted to be the sultry girls in those monochrome ads and, many years and style changes later, I still do. Lately, two particular campaigns, Guess by Maricano Fall 2010 and Guess Fall 2011 (featuring Amber Heard), have been especially inspirational to me. Knee-length dresses, rolled jeans, heels, cat-eye sunglasses and head scarves are right up my alley.

Have a great day!

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  1. Such fantastic add , such amazing pics
    Keep in touch

  2. love these pix gohhhh

  3. Guess was my favorite store on high school as well. My grandmother had to drive me to Williamsburg to hush me. GUESS is a classic for me