Thursday, January 31, 2013

The truth about my hair

Lately I have received a bunch of questions about my hair, so I decided to do a quick post to answer them.

The truth is...I have combination hair. It's weird. Most of my hair is naturally curly, but some of it is naturally straight. However, I prefer to keep my hair straight via flat iron. It's just easier for me. 

 Here are the products I use for straightening:

Before blow drying, I apply a quarter-sized amount of Phyto botanical hair relaxing balm. This stuff is amazing! It helps straighten the curls, and it has a dehumidifying effect (so your hair won't puff up so much if there's moisture in the air).
Before flat-ironing, I apply a dime-sized amount of CHI silk infusion to protect my hair from the heat. It also adds a nice shine without weighing my hair down. If my hair is a little dry, I add a dime-sized amount of Design Essentials Botanical Oils.

(after blow drying and straightening)
Have a great day!!


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  1. I luv how you wear your hair. That cut is fantastic!

  2. Gorgeous hair! It looks very healthy.

  3. I love your hair style, i have the same problem with my curls, but back and front curls are tight and middle a lot more wavy! can be annoying !!

    Carol x

  4. I love your hairstyle and I love the your clothes and the way you style them. I am a sucker for anything vintage. Thats why you will find me on your blog often :).