Monday, October 29, 2012

Day of the Dead makeup

I decided to try my hand at the Day of the Dead makeup design this weekend, and I must say that I enjoyed myself. 'Frankenstorm' came our way, so I guess I can say that I was inspired.. The key to this makeup is to just have fun with it! The items that came in handy for this look are: BH Cosmetics brush set, any black gel eyeliner paint pot, white face paint/foundation, jewels, lash glue for the jewels, various eye shadow colors or face paints, makeup remover, q-tips, makeup wedges and wipes *phew*. Happy Halloween!
~Natalia :)

(step by step cell phone photos)

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  1. Helo, dear!) your blog is soooo cute!
    maybe follow each other? just let me know!

  2. ladies, this is awesome! thanks for stopping by my blog :)

    your new follower <3

  3. Oh my gosh, looks so nice! Great work!

  4. thanks for your comment on my outfit :)
    you are so amazing at makeup!!

  5. Awesome! And I like that it's a mini tutorial so I can attempt to mess...khm...recreate this at home (who am I kidding, it really will be a mess when I attempt to recreate it...I'm not a wizard with make up)

    1. LOL! if you can draw circles and swirls you will do just fine ;) try it and share a photo with us on twitter ;)

  6. This looks absolutely amazing - such a good job!

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog, I hope you stop by again soon.

    Luxx Mint

  7. You are so talented and amazing at makeup! This is such a cool Halloween look - I'm pretty sure Halloween's never a problem for you because you're so skilled at makeup that you can recreate a look for ANYTHING! Lovely post, this is so inspiring! :) x

    ♡, Fatima (fashionpilgrim)
    Twitter: @fashpilgrim
    Instagram: @fashionpilgrim

  8. Wooow this looks amazing!! Love how you blended the colours around your eye!


  9. Love your blog! I'm following now! Your makeup works are amazing! :D

  10. Awesome blog love the step by step pictures! Following you!

  11. Oooo!! i love this. Day of the dead reminds me of the mexican day of dead celebration, is that what you were referring too? So glad I clicked on your comment that led me back to your blog, and oh yeah I totes followed you since your posts' contents are info and image juicy so expect to be seeing some regular comments from me, you don't have to follow me back don't worry. Btw, since it's halloween today, do gaze upon my new DOMI-MATRIX look where yes, a plastic coat becomes my statement piece. A potential Halloween look might just end up looking too sexual... lol

    xx The Provoker

  12. This is just amazing!!! Love it.

    xx Fesi-Noir

  13. I love the Halloween makeup transformation, it's very cool & creative! happy Halloween!

  14. This is incredible! You ladies sure know your way around a make-up palette. Would love to see a future post on different blending and application techniques etc.

    xx Jenee C.
    {camo meets couture}