Sunday, August 19, 2012

Nebula Nails

I am absolutely in love with the galaxy trend, so a friend and I decided to try our hand at the galaxy/nebula nail design. I must say that for first timers, these nails didn't turn out too bad. We used various colors of polish from brands such as China Glaze, NYC, Sally Hansen and Cherimoya. Glitter polish in all colors is really what makes this look work. Practice does make perfect because our second designs turned out better than the first. Cute Polish's nail tutorial came in handy in helping us execute this design, so try it out and tell me what you think :) I can't wait to rock this nail look in the fall ;)


My first nebula design.
My friend, Tawnie's nebula design.
My second design.
Tawnie's second design.

I had the Sailor Moon theme song stuck in my head while painting these nails :P

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  1. wow they loook so good. when I attempted this I failed lol

    1. thanks :) try again! let your base coat dry completely and use a glitter top coat ;)

  2. These are SO gorgeous. I always start to do nail art tutorials with complete confidence, then when it turns into an utter blog, I lose all hope :)

    Thank you for the flawless inspiration!

  3. wow amazing nails!

  4. these are so pretty!