Monday, January 23, 2012


Nuance "Passion Pink" lipstick and "Rose Petal" Balm from CVS
"Rage" Orly polish from Ulta
Eye makeup from M.A.C, BH Cosmetics, Tarte, Loreal, Maybelline. Lips from Nuance, CVS. Blush from ULTA.

This weekend I did a little cosmetic shopping and purchased a couple of products that I have been meaning to pick up months ago. I'm probably the last person to purchase items from Salma Hayek's new cosmetic line Nuance, but I must say that I am very pleased. The lipstick is very smooth and lasted for most of the day. I usually stick to tinted lip gloss because lipstick can leave my lips a little dry, but this lipstick has an extreme amount of moisture. Salma is a beautiful woman, so I had no doubt that her products would be fab ;)